Our Solutions

The Desire for Simplicity

Our Solutions

The Desire for Simplicity

Canada has a well-deserved reputation for the stability and reliability of its banking system. Consequently, increasing numbers of high net worth Canadian individuals, families and business owners are telling us that they wish to consolidate their banking and investment needs inside a single financial institution.

At The Funke Group we have been quick to recognize and respond to this important and growing desire among our existing and prospective high net worth clients to simplify the management of their financial affairs.

Although this trend is gaining momentum, few financial institutions have assembled the broad range of integrated services necessary to confront the challenges it presents.

At the The Funke Group, we’ve done just that.

How Do We Do It?

Working with ScotiaMcLeod and other partners within Scotiabank, we created our Integrated Wealth Management approach. This is a dedicated, broad-based ‘planning first’ model, designed to deliver the scope and depth of services necessary to understand, analyze and manage the widest possible range of financial management and wealth building requirements.

Crucially, we offer all our clients a single point of contact.

At The Funke Group we operate a ‘family office’ based practice. So while we deploy the expertise available to us from several areas within Scotiabank – including outside sources – you can rest assured that your financial needs will be attended to by a single individual you know well, trust implicitly, and with whom you feel completely comfortable.

We develop and direct integrated wealth building strategies for select individuals, families, owners of medium to large corporations, non-profit organizations, and incorporated professionals.

While we generally specialize in affluent clients, asset size is just one of several criteria we expect new investors to meet. We look for clients with whom we can develop a relationship offering significant potential asset growth and long-term wealth building.