Geoff Funke, B.A., B.Sc.

Senior Wealth Advisor
Director, Wealth Management

Geoff Funke

What I do for you

The disciplined process we follow in order to understand the financial priorities of each client for whom we act is amply described elsewhere on our website. But there is more – much more – to wealth building than following a process, however disciplined.
The relationship between advisor and advised is based on several intangibles, personal rapport and trust being the most important. As a result, when I meet a new client I explore two – apparently casual – subject areas:

  1. What makes you tick?
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?

The first is about getting to know you – the personal side of the equation. The second is about discovering what you want out of life – the financial side of the equation.
Without those two ingredients being aligned, understood and mutually accepted, very little will ever come out of the relationship. However substantial your investable assets happen to be. I’ll walk away. So should you.


Credentials is a word with a medieval Latin root. The word denotes the possession of a qualification – I am a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, specializing in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics – but its meaning goes far further than that.

The word credentials is also defined as the possession of certain personal qualities, or aspects of an individual’s background and temperament, that indicates that they excel in a particular pursuit.

My credentials as a wealth advisor embrace four important characteristics:

  1. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. I listen.
  2. Pro-active and professionally entrepreneurial. I don’t sit idly by.
  3. Gifted, hard-driving business builder. I like momentum.
  4. Honest and fair. I prefer to deal with clients whose values reflect my own.

Personal & Community

It’s impossible to separate my personal development from my commitment to community. There is a clear causal connection, in my view, between physical and financial wellbeing and personal and professional fulfillment.

Until a few years ago, my lifestyle was unbalanced and unhealthy. I was significantly overweight. Serious health issues threatened my way of life, so I changed. I joined a gym, began regular workouts and took up running. I am now a triathlete.

The Great Pumpkin Run Walk, hosted by the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, was my first five-kilometer effort, back in 2009. I became, progressively, more involved with the Foundation, specifically by helping their fundraising initiatives.

In 2013 I accepted an invitation to join the Foundation’s board of directors. As First Vice-Chair, I also chair of the South Surrey/White Rock Healthy Community Initiative, which promotes healthy lifestyle choices and, as a result, reduces the need for hospitalization.

My goal with the Healthy Community Initiative is to encourage:

  1. More community events with much greater public participation, particularly among the young and the aging.
  2. The creation of green spaces and pathways connecting new developments and more community gardens.
  3. The provision of expanded online resources to inform and guide the community in living an active and healthy lifestyle.