Here’s What We’re Thinking- Nov 9, 2016

Investment Strategy: Markets react to Trump win; Remain overweight Equities vs Fixed Income, favour cyclicals; Fed on course for year-end hike

Written by Alison Plaxin
November 10, 2016

Strategy: Defying expectations, the American people elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States while keeping both the Senate and House of Representatives in the hands of the Republicans. Markets reacted in sharp fashion to this unexpected result but within hours retraced most of their losses as calm settled in during the first full day of trading. The policy leanings of the president-elect and the degree to which they materialize in his administration will have a wide-ranging impact across asset classes, markets and sectors over the medium-term. Our long-held investment strategy of remaining Overweight Equities / Underweight Fixed Income with a bias towards cyclical sectors continues to perform well.

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