Putting wealth into perspective

Announcing our new blog strategy dedicated to living life to the full

Written by Alison Plaxin
January 11, 2017

When we at The Funke Group think about wealth, we think about the things wealth enables us to enjoy. Wealth is a means to an end, not an end itself. Integrating work and play, family and finances is the key to living life to the full – and that is what our new blog strategy is all about.

Looking back at the blog commentary we have published in the past on the Resources page of our website, I’m struck by two things:

  1. The wide range of subjects we cover, from what is prompting an equity sell-off to fallout from the election of Donald Trump.
  2. The straight talking style in which we express our point of view, typically prefaced by the phrase Here’s What We’re Thinking.

While our range of subjects and straight talking style won’t fundamentally change, we’re going to expand the subject areas we cover. We’ll still be talking about the economic, financial and geo-political influencers of the investment landscape.

But we’ll also cover the charitable and community work we support. And we’ll report on the outdoor opportunities and culinary adventures that living and working in B.C. gives all of us – our team and our clients, both current and prospective – pleasure and inspiration.

When you come to think about it, B.C. is one gigantic, glorious play space, offering unrivalled active possibilities: from world-class golf, fishing and hiking, to mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing and much more.

And, of course, B.C. supports an astonishing range of wine and food adventures. There are 60 different grape varieties in B.C., from Auxerrois to Zweigelt — and world-class dining experiences, from sophisticated city cafés to laid back vineyard bistros. We’ll be sharing our discoveries about these diversions, too.

The truly engaged investor, we believe, is someone who explores, savors and celebrates the finer things of life. And since one of the best ways to enjoy your wealth is to protect your health, we’ll talk about that too.

We encourage you to visit our blog frequently. And, of course, please share our blog with family, friends and business colleagues. Enjoy!

Geoff Funke
The Funke Group