The art of decompression

Living the good life in breathtaking British Columbia

Written by SMM Approval
February 2, 2017

In common with most busy professionals, managing the transition between intense periods of flat out work and backing off to relax, reflect and play takes a certain amount of will power. I’m a bit of an obsessive character, so I tend to go all out in everything I do. But there’s more to life than outperforming the TSE and the Dow, or so I have to force myself to accept from time to time.

Fortunately, my family and I live in British Columbia, the world’s finest and most accessible decompression chamber. So do you. Welcome to the art of decompression or, to put it more colloquially, the art of the wind down.

Outdoors wind down

Luckily, it’s not too hard to embrace the mighty mountains, deep forests and dramatic coastlines here in B.C. – a range of natural resources that instantly lower heart rates to tranquil levels. B.C. is unbeatable for life enhancing skiing, kayaking, biking, hiking and other experiences that can make local exploration transformational. Especially since so much of it is just beyond our own front door. [Link:]

Culinary wind down

Thanks to an abundance of farms, wineries and breweries that work with award-winning chefs and vintners, B.C. has become a destination for serious foodies and dining connoisseurs. Culinary tours or cooking classes are an excellent way to learn to prepare (and to taste) local specialties. [Link:]

Biking wind down

For both mountain bikers and cyclists, B.C. abounds with magnificent terrain to ride and greenery-laden views to enjoy. Mountain bikers of all skill levels are drawn to B.C. for its abundance of winding single-track trails, lift-accessed bike parks, and riding opportunities featured regularly in mountain bike magazines. For cyclists, flat, paved paths in and near cities are perfect for tranquil family rides. From quick rides to multi-day adventures, B.C. is a premier cycling destination. [Link:]

Ski wind down

The Mount Washington Alpine Resort – one of innumerable of ski destinations in B.C. – offers a quintessential view of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island, and the Coast Mountain Range. Add to this an incredibly high annual snowfall (11.5m/38ft), excellent powder conditions (top 10 Best Powder by Ski Canada Magazine), and surprisingly mild winter temperatures (-2°C/28°F), and you’ve got the makings of a wind down mecca. Choose from downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. [Link:]

Spa wind down

Soak in natural mineral hot springs, lay down a blanket next to the Pacific Ocean, or visit one of the over 400 spas and wellness centres in B.C. Here’s how to access one for you and your family. [Link:]

The art of decompression is the first of a series of occasional blogs designed to remind clients of The Funke Group – both current and prospective – that finding that crucial balance between work and play is fundamental to health and sanity.

Geoff Funke, The Funke Group, 604-535-4721.