Value Starting to Emerge From Broad Market Weakness

Here’s What We’re Thinking

Written by Alison Plaxin
September 10, 2015

Investment Strategy: Volatility likely to linger, but value starting to emerge from broad market weakness

Equities: After a sharp selloff that was prompted by concerns about Chinese growth, equity markets have

started to stabilize with developed markets modestly outperforming emerging ones. Markets should remain

on edge in the near‐term, however, as the Street is becoming increasingly divided on whether the Federal

Reserve will hike interest rates as early as September 17 (next FOMC meeting) or push out rate hikes into

early 2016. So long as global growth remains intact and valuations stay reasonable, we don’t think medium and

long‐term investors should fret about potentially higher short‐term rates in the U.S.

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