Wealth and health

How to invest in your future

Written by SMM Approval
January 24, 2017

You don’t have to be a genius to know that one of the best ways to enjoy your wealth is to protect your health. And while I advise my clients to invest in both, I was a relatively late convert to health and fitness. A lack of balance in my life left me overweight and frequently sick. Something had to change.

Working with a personal trainer and nutritionist was that all-important first step. Then, as I got stronger and leaner, my fitness goals evolved and I started to think about attempting a challenge I had never dreamed possible – competing in a triathlon. I was not a swimmer, a cyclist or a runner, so an athletic ambition on this scale was exceptionally challenging.

I began with community runs, hired a swim coach, and gradually increased the distances I was running – from five and 10-kilometre runs to a half marathon. Now 30 pounds lighter than when I started, I eventually felt confident enough to enter an Olympic distance triathlon – a 1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run.

While all this was happening I discovered that I was becoming more focused at work, definitely had more energy, and was still finding plenty of time to spend with my family and friends.

‘Integrated’ is a word I use frequently when discussing financial matters with my clients, as I encourage them to see the necessary relationship between investments, financial planning, tax strategy, estate and trust issues and more.

Now ‘integrated’ was becoming a word I began to start apply to myself, as that important balance between career and wealth building, health and family came into sharper focus.

As my fitness program developed I began to sponsor, through The Funke Group, community sports events. I sit on the board (since 2013) at the Peace Arch Hospital & Community Health Foundation where I lead the Healthy Community initiative, so there was an obvious synergy between these two aspects of my life.

Finally, the big day came five years ago when I competed in – and completed – the 2012 Ironman Canada, a 226.2K endurance epic. It was and remains the best individual accomplishment in my life. Completing the Ironman was an athletic breakthrough. But it also represented the recognition that wealth and health are natural, and necessary, counterparts. I learned from it.

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